High-Security Lock Installation Etobicoke

High resistance deadbolt such as medeco, multi lock, cx5, schlage primus and so much quality hardware to secure your doors property keeping your family safe isn’t just an option but a necessity. While the city of Etobicoke is a safe place to raise a family, you can never be too careful. High security is always recommended for those who have valuables stored on their property or those who may be vulnerable to paparazzi.

Whatever your reason for needing top-notch security for your home or commercial residence, you will need a reliable, competent locksmith to provide you with the best advice on how to maximize your security and to install new locks or doors.

At Etobicoke Locksmith Services, we have years of experience installing and repairing high-security Locks in and around Etobicoke, so if you feel that your security system needs improvement, we are the people to call.

rekey lock key

Benefits of High Security Door Locks

Although security locks are different, they are essentially locking mechanisms that offer extra resistance to entry by unauthorized personnel. However, they may seem a lot more expensive than regular locks, so why switch to high-security locks?

Despite what you may believe, security locks help save you money in the long run. By investing in high-quality locks, you ensure that they provide you with many years of service, so you won’t have to spend money changing your locks every couple of years.

With high-security locks, you can customize your security to suit your needs. Don’t like carrying around a key? Go for a smart keypad instead. Whatever your needs are, we can help you install a security system that works for you.

When to Change the Locks?

Many people don’t give much thought to their locks, but the truth is that these small devices are preventing an intruder from gaining access to your property, your family, and your valuables.

It would be best to change your locks every time you perceive a possible threat. Here are a few cases where you should have your locks changed:

• When moving into a new house
• If a roommate moves out
• After your home has been broken into
• When you lose your keys
• If you suspect that someone could gain access to your property

why security deadbolts?

  • they are nearly impossible to pick. a pick-resistant lock 
  • restricted key therefore cannot be duplicated
  • This ensures that security is guaranteed

Changing your locks is not to be confused with rekeying. A locksmith will replace the old lock with a new one when you change your locks. Rekeying differs from changing your locks in that the lock’s working key is replaced instead of replacing the entire lock.

If you’ve misplaced your keys and are concerned that someone might get entry to your home or building, you are advised to have a locksmith rekey your locks. You will not need to change your locks in this scenario. However, you should change your locks if you want to update your home security system.

Time to Upgrade Your Locks

Changing your locks and installing a security deadbolts can seem daunting. However, when you work with a professional, the process goes smoothly. If you believe that it is time to change the locks or up your security, get in touch with Etobicoke Locksmith Services, and we will guide you through the process.

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