Deadbolt Replacement and Installation Etobicoke

What Is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt or a deadlock is essentially a mechanism that is designed to be opened using a handle or a key. This ensures that thieves do not have access to your home and your valuable belongings because it makes your home more secure by ensuring that only authorized personnel can get past the lock.

There are two main types of deadbolts, including single cylinder and double cylinder locks.

Single-cylinder deadlocks accept a key solely on a single side but are activated by a twisted knob on the opposite side.

Because double cylinder locks can allow a key to be used from both sides, they don't need or have a twist knob. This protects the door from being unintentionally opened by gaining access to the inner twist knob.

Deadbolt Replacement and Installation Etobicoke

Deadbolt Replacement vs Deadbolt Rekey

When you replace a deadbolt, a locksmith will change the old lock for a new one. Rekeying is a little different in that locksmiths must replace the lock's functional key while keeping the lock itself intact. However, when rekeying a deadbolt, the lock is disassembled, and some internal components are changed.

You should rekey your locks if you have lost your keys are worried that someone might gain access to your home or property. In this case, you do not need to change your locks. However, if you wish to upgrade your home security system by installing new locks, a deadbolt replacement is the way to go.

New Deadbolt Installation

We install  House Locks In Etobicoke Toronto.

At Etobicoke Locksmith Services, we have experience in rekeying and replacing deadbolts. Because installing a new deadbolt is such a tricky but essential job, it is crucial to find a service provider that can get the job done right the first time.

We have an impressive track record and always put your safety first, so you can count on us for all your deadbolt needs!  When You Should Change the Locks

  • When you have purchased a new house
  • When you have experienced a break-in or burglary.
  • Overly rusted deadbolts.
  • Deadbolts with misplaced keys

getting your locks change required a visit from a local locksmith contact locksmith etobicoke team we available to work on your security-related and home improvements project 

Programming a Smart Keypad for an Entry Door

If you don't like carrying keys around, a smart keypad may be just what you need. Smart keypads are a great way to up your security and add a modern touch to your home or apartment. A friendly technician from Etobicoke Locksmith Services can help you install and program your smart keypad.

Should you find yourself locked out of your home because you forgot the password to your smart keypad, give us a call, and we will help you reprogram the system so you can reset your password and gain access to your space again.

Need Help with Your Locks? Give Us a Call Today!

Safety and security are not things to be taken lightly. If you find that your security is compromised, do not delay! Give us a call as soon as possible, and we will take care of your deadbolt and smart keypad needs.

To find out more about the services we have to offer or get a free quote, call Etobicoke Locksmith Services by dialling 647-479-8359 today!

Deadbolt Replacement and Installation Etobicoke area

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